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Yoga TherapyLook after your self, in addition to yoga classes and workshop Yoga Anatomy offers a wide range of treatments and therapies to help you live a healthier and more fulfilling life.

James Henson has many years of in depth experience working as a physical and sports therapist. The main focus of his bespoke and highly effective treatments is trigger point therapy and myofascial release (a form of deep bodywork) to correct structural and postural imbalances, heal soft tissue injuries and relieve chronic pain.

Fascial Restrictions can occur during stress, overuse, trauma, bad posture, weak movement patterns and inactivity. The result is tightening, tearing, and bunching of the regular structure of the fascia. Facial restrictions are generally accompanied by pain and muscle tension with locally reduced blood flow and prolonged fascial restrictions lead to damaged and inflamed tissue. Recurring inflammation from repetitive stress results in thickening of the connective tissue, also known as fibrosis and this thickening causes more pain and irritation. This cycle can create a positive feedback loop leading to more serious dysfunction and musclo-skeletal injures.

Treatments also include sports massage techniques, assisted stretching, acupuncture, remedial exercises and Kinesio taping based on an assessment of the client’s specific needs. James has a unique vision and insight of the body’s fascinating tissue systems and has learned to see and feel exactly which approach is appropriate and to encourage each individual he sees to move towards balance and freedom.

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